What is an Air-Tube Headset?

The first question I often get when talking about EMF radiation is “What is an air-tube headset?” An air-tube headset┬áis just like a normal wired headset that you would use on your cellphone. However, instead of having electrical wires that connect to the earbuds, they use air tubes to transmit sound to your ears, which greatly reduces electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

These earphones are extremely comfortable and lightweight. They also feature a microphone and button for calling, playing music, and connecting to Siri or other virtual assistants. They have a standard estimated 3.5mm audio jack and will work with any mobile device, portable music player, or computer.

The Science Behind EMF Air-Tube Headsets: Protecting Your Health and Hearing

The tube design improves the sound quality, so you can enjoy your favorite songs and calls in high-quality stereo. They come with three different-sized earbuds so that you can find the perfect fit for your ears. They are very durable and will last a long time, as they are made with a very sturdy clear tube.

They also include ferrite beads that take only two seconds to clip onto the bottom of your headphone cord to help reduce any RF Radiation that could be caused by high-frequency spikes or surges that are common with most electronic devices, especially cell phones. These same ferrite beads are used on laptops and other electronic devices’ power cords to help protect the equipment from high frequencies that can cause damage.

Overall these are some of the best air-tube headsets on the market and they come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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