Video Production Companies in Oregon

video production in oregon

Oregon video production companies are the best  if you are looking for captivating videos. They offer a wide range of services such as infographics, research & pitch videos, eLearning videos, travel videos, and 2d animation videos. Click here

Portland has a wide array of film locations, including Mount Hood and Still th’Air. The Northwest Economic Research Center estimates that film jobs have grown 24 percent in Portland since 2007.

There are several incentives available to attract film and TV productions in Oregon. For example, the Oregon Production Investment Fund offers tax credits. However, these incentives aren’t paying for themselves. According to a recent report by the NERC, the Oregon Production Investment Fund has generated only about 43 percent of the state tax revenue it receives.

The Art of Post-Production: Enhancing Your Video in Portland

While these incentives have been helpful, more is needed. A report from the NERC indicates that increased incentives would increase the economic impact of film production in Oregon.

The Creative Opportunity Program is another incentive available to producers. This program is part of the Oregon Film and Video Office. It allows the office to allocate two percent of the funds in the Oregon Production Investment Fund to support media industries in the state.

As one of the top video production companies in Oregon, Funnelbox is an innovative firm that helps clients like Nike and Target connect with consumers on a personal level. They have over two decades of experience in the industry. Their clients include Nike, Target, Adidas, MarketCraft, and KinderCare.

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