Unchained Carpet Cleaner Removes Urine Stains and Odors

unchained carpet cleaner

Pets are a common part of many households and can make life enjoyable, but sometimes pets have accidents. Urine stains and odors can be difficult to clean. When they are not removed, a home may smell unpleasant and may be a health risk for family members. Professional cleaning companies can deal with pet stains and odors effectively, removing them from the carpet and making the home hygienic.

Unchained Carpet Cleaner: The Revolutionary New Solution for Deep Stains and Odors

A new product called unchained carpet cleaner is designed to remove these stains easily. Until recently, this product was only available to professionals, but it is now on the market for homeowners. It is a rinse-free product that breaks the molecular chain of the odors, eliminating them on contact. It works well for a variety of surfaces, including carpets, rugs, fabrics, clothing, tile and concrete.

Thoroughly saturate affected area with product, and allow to dwell for one hour. Repeat as necessary until urine stains and odors are eliminated. For best results, follow with a deep extraction using hot water or hot air. USE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PRODUCT LABEL AND SAFETY DATA SHEET. NOT FOR USE ON MOLTEN STAIN. WORKS GREAT ON POO, PEE, FUZZY POOP, RED WINE AND MORE! 24 oz bottles.

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