The Jaguar E Type

jaguar e type

The jaguar etype new one of the most famous sports cars in history. It was a revolutionary vehicle that revolutionised the world of automotive design, and is still loved by enthusiasts today.

The e type is an icon of British automotive design and engineering, and it remains popular around the globe. It has a penchant for reliability and is regarded as one of the most beautiful cars in the world.

Originally launched in 1957, the E-type was an evolutionary step from the D-type that helped shape the evolution of Jaguar sports cars. It was the first Jaguar car to use independent rear suspension, a design that would reappear in the Zenith (later XJ6) saloon and the MkX (later XJ7).

With a power-to-weight ratio of just 4.5kg per hp, the E-type was significantly lighter than its predecessor. As a result, it could travel further distances faster and be more comfortable.

The Jaguar E-Type vs. the Jaguar F-Type: Which is Better

It also had a sturdier front and rear bodyshell, which protected the occupants in the event of a crash. It wore steel-clad bumpers and was available in both roadster and fixed head coupe (FHC) forms.

Despite being the most expensive sports car in its class, the e type was a great value for money. Its high performance and superb handling meant it was a great car to own.

Its independent rear suspension was a major design achievement, as was its power-to-weight ratio. Combined with the lightweight materials used in its construction, the e type was a fantastic piece of engineering.

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