New York Marijuana Dispensary

A marijuana dispensary is a local government regulated physical location in which you can purchase cannabis and cannabis related products for medicinal or recreational use. First modeled in Amsterdam in the late 1970s and innocently called coffee shops, dispensaries have become an essential part of America’s legal marijuana marketplace.

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Recreational marijuana and cannabis stores place a bigger emphasis on branding, packaging and the overall aesthetic of a product. They will typically have a much larger selection of cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates and vape pen cartridges than a medical dispensary. They will also likely have a wide variety of prices.

You must have a valid state-issued medical marijuana or rec card to purchase and consume cannabis at a dispensary. A person with a medical marijuana card can receive up to three ounces of marijuana or 24 grams of concentrated cannabis per 30-day period from a licensed dispensary. If a patient cannot travel to a dispensary they can designate and register caregivers that can make purchases on their behalf.

Adults 21 and older can legally possess up to two plants at their residence in New York. Cannabis may be lawfully consumed wherever smoking tobacco is allowed, except in motor vehicles or within public view.

In March 2021, New York became the third state to legalize recreational marijuana. A recent study found that New York City’s retail cannabis businesses are largely owned by minorities, women, struggling farmers and residents from communities that endured heavy police enforcement during the War on Drugs. The first dispensary to open in New York was a lower Manhattan store that sells marijuana to benefit Housing Works, an agency that provides services for the homeless and formerly incarcerated people with HIV and AIDS, among others.

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