Lip Filler in Swansea

Choosing the right aesthetic practitioner for your lip filler swansea  procedure is crucial. You need someone with the right training and hand-eye coordination. Sarah Dawson is an excellent practitioner with a track record for great results. She uses FDA-approved fillers and has a high level of training in cosmetic medicine.

Are dermal fillers good for lips?

She specializes in lip filler treatment in Swansea. In addition to lip filler, she can also provide dermal fillers, tear trough fillers, and Botox for migraine. She also offers other cosmetic treatments, including chemical peels. Read on to learn more about lip filler in Swansea.

As we age, our skin loses proteins, elastin, and fat tissue that supports it. Smoking, sun exposure, and other lifestyle factors also contribute to skin erosion. Lip fillers can restore lost volume in hollow cheeks and subtly sculpt the face. Juvederm lip fillers are an excellent way to replace lost volume and reduce jowls.

Patients may feel numbness during lip filler treatment. Typically, a topical anesthetic is used to make the lips feel comfortable during the procedure. These anesthetics contain benzocaine, lidocaine, or tetracaine. It takes between fifteen and thirty minutes for these anesthetics to take effect. However, if you’re allergic to these ingredients, a nerve block injection is used instead.

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