How to Use Oils of Wellbeing

Oils of well being

Oils of well being are a powerful emotional support tool. The aromatic molecules in essential oils have direct access to the limbic system or emotional brain, and by stimulating these olfactory receptors, they can trigger a range of mood-boosting effects, such as reducing stress, finding comfort and peace, or encouraging optimism.

The most common way to use them is by diffusing in an aromatherapy diffuser or inhaling directly from the bottle, a technique known as direct inhalation. Alternatively, they can be applied to the body – for example, dabbing them on the soles of your feet (the feet contain key ’emotional’ trigger points such as the backs of the knees and the tops of the shoulders). A small amount can also be added to an organic carrier oil like coconut or evening primrose, then massaged in.

The Art of Blending Essential Oils for Holistic Health

There are over 90 different types of essential oils, each with a unique chemical makeup and purpose. Each has its own therapeutic properties, and it is recommended to speak with a trained professional (such as an aromatherapist, nurse, doctor, physical therapist, or massage therapist) before using any oil for healing purposes.

Our well-being blends are carefully crafted with specific therapeutic properties in mind – whether to help you prepare for sleep, feel calm or energized. We recommend starting with one, and observing which scent you are drawn to – this is your amazing body and mind signaling your underlying well-being need. If you notice your underlying well-being need changing, simply switch to a new blend.

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