How to Size a Standard-Size Photo Print

custom size photo print

When it comes to transforming digital custom-size photo print or creative art into printed prints, size matters. Getting it right can make for a crisp, clear image without pixelation or distortion. It can also help with framing options and determining where to place your images on the wall. Conversely, if you get it wrong, your print could lose resolution or certain details might be lost due to cropping.

Photo prints add personality and warmth to a space, so proper sizing is important for ensuring that your finished work looks as great in print as it did in digital form. This article will cover the various standard photo print sizes most often used, common aspect ratios, and more to help ensure that your prints turn out as beautiful as possible.

Beyond Standard: Crafting Personalized Spaces with Custom Size Photo Prints

A common and popular print size, this is a perfect fit for most framed photos and greeting cards. For a print of this size, aim for a pixel length of 3600 x 5400 pixels to get the best results.

This is a large, impactful print size commonly used for posters and canvas wall art. To produce a print of this size, try to achieve a pixel length of 7200 x 10800 pixels to ensure sharp and clear results.

For a truly stunning print, opt for a custom-sized option. Choose from a variety of paper, canvas, and acrylic finishes to create a display that is uniquely you. You can even personalize your print with add-ons, like free backprinting and signature matte finish, to complete the look.

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