How to Get a Job As a Temporary Worker in France

A Temporary, also known as an Interimaire or Travailleur temporaire in french, takes on short-term employment assignments to support businesses during busy periods or specific projects. They can be found in many industries including hospitality, tourism and education. Skills that are needed include strong customer service, attention to detail and adaptability.

Temporary workers in france can choose to work on a CDI or a contrat d’emploi indéterminé (fixed-term contract without an end date). A CDI is the standard private work contract in France and employers must offer it unless they have good reasons not to. A CDI provides stability and helps when applying for a bank loan or mortgage. However, it can still be difficult to reconcile with the precarious nature of the contract.

Temporary Work and Remote Work: Exploring New Models of Employment in France

Workers on temporary contracts in france are a large group. Some are forced to take up short contracts as a result of unemployment, but others do so for personal or professional reasons. They may prefer flexible hours, or a greater freedom to take a holiday abroad.

If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you will need to get a permit to work in france before starting a job. Your employer will look after this process for you but you will need to submit proof of your employment before the permit is issued. You will then have to apply for a long stay visa which serves as a residence permit. This must be renewed within three months of expiry.

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