How to Choose a Solar Panel Company

solar panel company

A solar panel installers near me, finances and maintains photovoltaic systems on homes and businesses. These companies may also offer energy storage and solar-powered household appliances. Some companies are manufacturers and dealers of solar equipment while others offer only installation services. To make a quality choice, consider the type of system you want and check whether the company offers a warranty on its products.

You should also inquire about the installer’s credentials and reputation. A good way to filter out scams is to ask for referrals from existing customers, read online reviews and check permit records at your local permitting office. Many of the best solar panel companies offer a free consultation to evaluate your home and assess its potential for solar energy.

Solar companies that offer a warranty on their equipment provide peace of mind for homeowners who make the switch to solar power. These warranties typically cover the panels against manufacturing defects and environmental issues for 10 to 25 years. In addition, most solar panel companies also offer product performance guarantees that reimburse homeowners if their system does not produce as much energy as expected.

Going Solar: Finding the Best Solar Panel Installers Near You

A good solar panel company will allow you to design a system that meets your needs, including the number and size of solar panels, inverters and add-on accessories. It should also provide a detailed, finalized quote that includes all costs. The company will handle the permitting process, which usually takes two to four weeks, and will coordinate with local officials for the final inspection before submitting your system for activation.

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