How to Choose a Good Violin Teacher in Singapore

When choosing a violin teacher, there are many factors to consider. Some are more important than others, depending on your personal preferences and goals. You may want to look at a teacher’s background and experience, teaching methods and style, and student satisfaction. You may also want to consider whether the violin school – lvlmusicacademy.comviolin school for working adults is available and flexible with your schedule.

How much does a violinist make in Singapore?

A good violin teacher should be patient and have the ability to explain concepts in ways that are easy for students to understand. They should also be able to identify the learning style of their students and adapt their teaching to suit their needs. For example, some students learn best by seeing visuals, so their music teacher might use diagrams and pictures to help them understand the lessons better. Other students may learn more by hearing, so their teacher might skew their lessons towards challenging the student’s listening skills.

Ms Elaine Khong, the founder of LVL Music Academy, has extensive teaching experience with students from different backgrounds and ages. She is a registered ministry of education instructor and is familiar with the ABRSM syllabus. She has worked with students from beginner to advanced levels, and her students have a strong track record in passing their violin examinations.

Ms Khong offers private violin lessons for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes at her studio in the heart of the city. She provides an engaging and encouraging environment for her students, and teaches them to love playing the violin and exploring new genres of music.

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