How Much Does Telehandler Training Cost in the UK?

A telehandler training cost uk is a machine used by construction workers to move heavy objects to hard-to-reach places. It is important to note that using this type of machinery requires a lot of skills and proper safety measures. For this reason, having a telehandler licence is a must for anyone who wishes to operate the machine. Obtaining a telehandler licence can cost from PS400 to PS1,200, depending on the course that one chooses.

A training course that teaches the fundamentals of operating the machine is a good option for beginners. It will teach them how to control the machine and how to properly load and unload materials. It will also teach them the necessary safety measures to take in order to keep themselves and other people safe.

Telehandler Training Cost in the UK: Budgeting for Certification

Another type of telehandler training is offered by equipment manufacturers. These courses are usually a little cheaper than the ones offered by CPCS and they can offer a more personalized experience. They can also be more flexible since they can be conducted at the company’s premises.

A telehandler training course can be completed in a week or less. The course includes classroom-based theory sessions and practical training, as well as a CPCS Health and Safety Touchscreen Test. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a CPCS Red Trained Operator card for categories A (industrial telehandler), B (up to 9m), and C (above 9m but excluding 360-degree slew). This card is valid for two years.

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