Different Types of Playground Marking

Playground marking is a great way to bring colour and excitement to a school’s exterior playground space, and there are plenty of different types of marking available that can do just that. Unlike traditional painted markings that fade, thermoplastic playground marking are long-lasting and durable, making them a cost-effective and practical option for schools and nurseries with outdoor spaces to transform.

Educational Playground Markings

Many schools choose to have educational surface markings installed on their playgrounds. These are often based on numeracy and literacy concepts, and can be used as an effective tool to help children learn through play.

Games Playground Markings

These markings can include a range of fun-themed games, such as snake ladder and hopscotch, that are popular with kids. They can also help children build up their physical skills, as well as encourage socialisation between peers.

Sports and Fitness Playground Markings

From basketball courts to fitness circuits, these markings are a great way for children to enjoy their PE lessons or extra-curricular activities in a fun environment. These can also help boost their confidence and socialisation, helping them develop in other areas of life as well.

Some markings can be laid to create distinct ‘zones’ on the playground. These can be especially useful for younger children, who may not yet have the spatial awareness to know where the boundaries of different games lie. By setting clear ‘zones’, groups of kids that are chatting will be less likely to obstruct a group playing basketball nearby, and the children playing basketball will be less likely to spill over into quieter areas of the playground.

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