Delta 8 Syrup Review

Like delta-8 tinctures, Delta 8 Syrup works by allowing the user to take the tincture through their mouth and digestive system. This method allows the effects of D8 to be felt over a period of 5+ hours. This allows users to take the dosage at a time that is most convenient to them.

Is it safe?

Buying Delta 8 Syrup from a reputable company is important to ensure that you’re getting the product that’s right for your needs. Make sure the company uses a third-party lab to test the product. While some companies conduct their own tests, an independent lab will provide more reliable results.

Many people who are new to the CBD industry buy the cheapest product they can find. This isn’t always a good idea as you might not be able to trust the product’s integrity or quality. Also, the product may contain minimal thc lean bottles or synthetic fillers. Purchasing a premium product will ensure that you get the highest quality product.

Delta 8 Syrup comes in mango flavor and contains 500 mg of THC per serving. It ships quickly and can be received within 1-2 days. West coast deliveries typically take two to three days, while east coast deliveries take one to two days.

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