Choosing Mens Pendants For Chains

mens pendants for chains

Whether you’re going for a simple chain or a bold and flashy necklace, a mens pendant can add personality to your look. If your man is proud of his dog, a pendant on his chain can get heads turning and spark a conversation. Hollywood star Ryan Gosling wears a pendant with his dog’s tag on it. The lion pendant is a classic choice, but if you’re on a budget, you can choose a more basic chain with a pendant.

Choose A Thicker Or Thinner Gold Chain To Go With Your Mens Pendant

When choosing mens pendants for chains, consider their size and design. Men rarely wear necklaces that are longer than a shirt’s sleeves. However, pendants that measure 10mm or more are considered statement pieces. For a casual evening out, a pendant that is 6mm or less can be worn. A pendant that is bigger than this will likely be seen, but won’t distract from the rest of your look.

Chain length is another key consideration. Depending on where the pendant is placed, a shorter chain may look like a choker around a thick neck. However, a longer necklace will give a more relaxed look. A chain length chart will help you choose the correct chain length. Remember to take into consideration the type of shirt you’re going to be wearing with the necklace. Choosing a short necklace may make it look strange under a dress shirt or turn-down collar. However, a chain with a high collar will make it stand out and look more masculine.

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