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Several Things to Do in Eureka on the Weekend

In Eureka, California you’ll find a place where things to do in Eureka can be a bit overwhelming, but not impossible. It’s hard to say if this or that will be the right thing for you if you get lost in a sea of choices. When you’re looking for something to do in Eureka, it’s best to take a look at what’s already there to start with. There are all kinds of activities that you can do in Eureka, and each day is filled with new things to do in Eureka. There are so many things to do in Eureka, it’s best to explore them all in order to see which ones best suit your interests and lifestyle.

The Best Way To Things To Do In Eureka

If you like historic places, you might want to consider things to do in Eureka on the weekends. This is definitely one of the most popular parts of Eureka for visitors, who enjoy strolling through historic homes, visiting museums, and walking along the railroad treks. If you go on Saturday, you can visit the Old Town, which is the older part of town and where the harbor is located. Fort Hum Boldt, which is an old fort located by the water, is also well worth a visit. The museum itself is worth the time, as you will learn many interesting things about this region’s history.

Another great thing to do in Eureka on the weekends is to visit the two famous art festivals of the town. On Saturday, the second annual Art and Food Festival are held at the Museum of Arts and Design, while on Sunday the third annual Upland Sculpture and Art Festival are held at the gravesite of Fortitude. Both of these festivals have local artists from throughout the area performing works of art in a variety of mediums. You might also want to check out other local artists who may be performing at the local museums during this festival. These events are not generally open to the public.