Boric Acid Vaginal Suppository

Several studies have shown that boric acid is effective for recurring yeast infections. The suppositories can clear up symptoms within a day and prevent them from coming back. They are safe and are considered to be a good alternative to conventional treatments.

Does boric acid restore pH balance?

However, there are some side effects to using boric acid vaginal suppository. For instance, it may cause heavy bleeding. It can also cause a burning sensation at the vaginal opening. If you experience any side effects, talk with your doctor.

If you take boric acid as a vaginal suppository, you should only do so if your doctor has recommended it. You should never take it by mouth. If you feel that you have taken too much, contact the emergency room right away.

When inserting the suppositories, you should wash your hands first. Then, insert the suppository as far as you can feel comfortable. When you are finished inserting, remove the applicator and dispose of it.

It is important to store the suppositories at a cool temperature. If they become too warm, they will melt. To avoid this, store them in a foil pouch.

You can purchase boric acid vaginal suppositories over the counter. They are also available online. The cost for a single suppository is $15 to $30.

If you experience any side effects, discontinue using the suppositories. This can be a sign that you need a different treatment. You should also talk to your doctor about any other medical conditions you have.

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