Black Goldendoodle Puppies

If you are looking for a dog that does not shed or causes allergies, then the black goldendoodle is an excellent choice. You will still need to have your dog groomed regularly, but you will be able to avoid hair everywhere in the house and on your clothes and furniture. This breed is also a good choice if you have children. They are very intelligent dogs that will learn quickly.

These full grown black goldendoodle  can be found from a private breeder or even the local animal shelter. They are less common than other colors of the goldendoodle, but a quality breeder will not charge more for this color than they would for any other Goldendoodle puppy. You should be wary of any breeder that claims their puppies are rare and therefore worth a premium price.

A black goldendoodle can have either a curly or a wavy coat. They may have some white markings on their face, chin, chest, legs, paws, and tail as well. This combination is sometimes called a parti-colored black goldendoodle.

Black Goldendoodle vs. Other Coat Colors: Exploring the Differences

Black Goldendoodles are very intelligent, and they will learn quickly. They will want to please you and work hard to do what you ask them to do. They are also great at learning tricks and love to play with other pets.

Like the Poodle, the Golden Retriever is prone to eye conditions. Some of these can be treated, but some are progressive and will worsen over time. This is a good reason to visit a veterinarian and have your black goldendoodle checked frequently.

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