Best Kettlebell Exercises For Abs

best kettlebell exercises for abs

Kettlebell exercises are a great way to mix things up and work your abs in new ways.

The best kettlebell exercises for abs will be a mix of moves that hit your core from different angles. They will also incorporate unilateral (one-arm) movements to ensure you don’t lose balance and keep your core engaged throughout the workout.

The Best Kettlebell Exercises for a Stronger Core

A few of the best kettlebell abs exercises that will target your rectus abdominis, side abs and lower back include:

1. Turkish get ups

This all-over body exercise will help improve your mobility and stability, particularly in your shoulders and hips.

2. Kettlebell windmills

This is another full body exercise that will work your abs and obliques.

3. Wood chops

The weighted ‘chop’ movement in this move makes it an excellent kettlebell abs workout because it requires your core to work hard to keep your hips square and stable.

4. Single arm side load march

This anti-lateral flexion exercise will be a fantastic addition to your kettlebell workout and will build your balance, coordination and strength.

5. Russian twists

This kettlebell abs workout will help develop your obliques and rotation of your midsection, says Duncan.

6. Pass overs

This anti-rotational exercise is a perfect way to finish off this kettlebell abs workout. Start in a plank position and use your right hand to pull the kettlebell to your left side, then bring it back to your right side and repeat.

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