Day: July 8, 2021

What Are Close Protection Services?

Close Protection Services is an offshoot of protective service and are a growing niche within the private security industry. Close Protection officers offer personal security, risk management, pre-emptive surveillance and sometimes discreet surveillance as well. With the increase in terrorist activity, crime and natural disasters, Close Protection now provides a quality level of protection to people, their families, their businesses, and their social or economic interests. There is also a growing need for this type of specialized security for high profile public figures, who tend to have very sensitive information that needs to be protected from the public.

What Are Close Protection Services?

The close protection services industry is a high-profile and highly competitive business with many companies vying for the same business as well as competing with each other for the attention of high-profile clients. While most of the companies will try to make their services as unique as possible to differentiate themselves from the competition, many of the same basic features of bodyguard services remain the same. A company providing bodyguard services should not only be able to effectively carry out the various duties required of them but should be able to build a solid reputation for delivering top-quality services, taking excellent care of their customers, acting as a first responder when the need arises, conducting thorough investigations on their own and assisting their clients in the legal proceedings if necessary.

Many Offices that use these types of Bodyguard services are also very busy with other important tasks such as strategic planning and ad hoc assignments which may require the close protection services agency to step in and provide extra assistance in many years to come. The primary objective of a Bodyguard service is to provide the necessary assurance that a highly sensitive or valuable resource is located or is safely recoverable in the event of a successful attack. In order to meet this important goal, many agencies employ the use of intelligence and risk management techniques that combine professionalism with intelligence gathering. Intelligence collection encompasses a wide variety of activities such as keeping an eye on the employees of a specific company, evaluating their behavior at work and developing specific plans for each employee based on the collected information. By combining this intelligence with aggressive action, organizations can significantly reduce the potential damage a criminal incident can have on their business and their employees while reducing overall risk to the business and its assets for many years to come.

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